8 Simple kitchen design – How To Panelling

Sample of Panelling

Simple kitchen design. Panelling is not just a matter of applying wall coatings. Especially for kitchen walls, of course, it will be identical to the use of beautiful patterned seals that seem feminine. But panelling is not just about that, because this method can be applied to any type of interior surface. In the kitchen means it can be on the whole wall, splash bursts, cabinets, decorative accents, floors, even ceilings.

It was later seen that panelling was again a trend in the interior realm. If previously often found in the kitchen of tourist residences, such as summer villas, cottages, or other resting houses. Now panelling is also not infrequently seen in conventional living houses.
Various kitchen panel designs are presented from many interior designers and kitchen planners. Of the many, here are some choices that might inspire you. Who knows in the near future you want to change the feel of the kitchen at home to make it more artistic and comfortable.

Below there is a type of interior design for the simple kitchen design by using panels.

  1. Mirror Panelling
    The function of the mirror is relatively the same as the glass. That gives the impression of a wider room while maximizing natural lighting. In addition, this material is also easy to care for. Easy to clean so it is durable, especially if you do it regularly and periodically. But make sure that the room is really dim to apply mirrored glass panels as a layer of splash walls. Because blinding excessive lighting can interfere with activities in the kitchen.
  2. Minimalist Cabinet Panel
    If designed well, the cabinet is enough to give a beautiful feel in the kitchen. Symmetrical panels are formed from the arrangement of rack doors. Although the size of the door is not uniform, each uses a calculated ratio. The pattern of appearance is impressive that the room is clean and carefully taken care of. It’s as if all these parts of the kitchen are just those panels. The cooking area itself looks like an additional feature, even if its existence successfully steals the show.
  3. ContrastIng Panel
    Some people have trouble finding something without detailed guidance and clear directions. In the interior realm, the application of guidance and direction means the placement of various materials to distinguish each area that is a feature of a room. If the cooking area already has different characteristics, increase its appearance through the addition of supporting accents. Dark red patterned wood panels will contrast with the all-white surface. Make it as a dividing frame for every area in the kitchen.
  4. Splash Coating Panel
    Previously the wood panels became the frame of the cooking area. Instead, this time the panelling is applied to the surface of the field wall itself. This will further strengthen the main features of the kitchen. Especially if previously the kitchen only used monochrome elements, black cabinets on white walls. Wood-patterned splash panels are not only a new accent, but also add to the warmth of the room.
  5. Full Panel Kitchen
    The modern kitchen is full of panels in a variety of shades. At least except on the ceiling that remains plain. The rest, the entire surface is layered with panels. The granite floor is white, contrasting with the dark patterns of this natural stone on the countertop. While the cabinets are composed of shiny black square panels resulting from synthetic coating. Not to forget the splash which is also the result of the arrangement of ceramic panels patterned with cement ash. It looks bright and contrasts with the surrounding area, through lighting on the sidelines of cabinets and walls.
  6. Lighting Panel
    Almost the same as the previous example, the interior of this kitchen is also filled with panels. It also looks more ‘rich’ because it uses various types of materials. In general, the classic style typical of American landlords’ homes, is clearly represented by the model of its white cabinets. Ceramic panels fill the surface of the walls, patterned pale but warm. Especially with wood panels on the floor. While some areas of window panes become a fitting feature, eliminating the impression of paleness through the entry of natural light from the outside.
  7. Elegant Solid Panel
    Conversely, simple-looking panelling doesn’t mean it’s easy in the making. Especially if the kitchen planner deliberately wants to present a ‘full’ feel as well as relief. While on the other hand, he had to apply several different materials to a small dimensional room.
    But it’s not homify professionals if they don’t have a solution to outsmart the condition. This one kitchen is proof, showing the solid panelling of elegant wood, concrete, and ceramic panels. Although the complexion of each is not the same, overall this modern kitchen looks neater. So it is legitimate if it is classified in the category of modern minimalist.
  8. Luxurious Panels in a Magnificent Kitchen
    Clean and neat panels are suitable to be applied to all kitchen models. A small room will look more relieved, while a large room will feel more luxurious. In this island kitchen, panelling becomes the main concept.
    Clean white patterned cabinet doors are symmetrical quadrilateral drawer panels of varying sizes. Then framed by another arrangement of panelling, this time a dark patterned wood material arranged horizontally. Limit the cabinet area to stick to the ceiling. The impression is strengthened by the placement of floodlights so as to make the look of this kitchen luxurious as well as magnificent.
    That is an article about Simple kitchen design – How To Panelling. Hope you enjoy.

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