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Mezzanine Floor In House - Bimaher

Mezzanine Floor In House – If you need more warehouse space, it’s not always necessary to move to new premises.Mezzanine floor installation is an excellent way of gaining extra square meters very cost effectively within the footprint of your existing warehouse.

Mezzanine flooring is flooring that is installed above an existing space.A mezzanine floor is a good way to get an additional floor without having to make large renovations.Mezzanine floors make use of empty ceiling space and are useful for storage, particularly if you didn’t have a lot of space to begin with.A mezzanine floor provides increased safety as well because you don’t have to have a cluttered floor space anymore which could cause people to trip.Installing mezzanine flooring will increase the value of your property and with factories for example will attract a larger number of buyers who are keen to have lots of space for machinery or employee workspace.

Mezzanine Floors are extremely durable and functional as well as being the perfect solution to space issues. Mezzanine Floors are usually made from a combination of steel and concrete.The type of steel used will depend on the use required but as general rule it will be structural steel as this is both the strongest and cheapest.However, if you were going to use the Mezzanine Floor to increase office space then the slightly more expensive rolled or stainless steel may be used.

There is also no limit to the finishes or colors that are available.Mezzanine Floors are extremely durable and functional as well as being the perfect solution to space issues. However,Mezzanine Floors are usually looked upon very favorably by local authorities as they fit into the current policy of government, which is not to use up extra land.

All mezzanines are designed to bespoke,individual requirements.They can incorporate both additional storage and office space, and can be arranged as a single tier ground plus one mezzanine or a multi-tiered ground plus two, three or four structure. All Mezzanine floors, from a small storage platform to the largest multi-tier mezzanine project are calculated and cosseted by the system; based on all relevant design criteria. Being ‘tailor made’ the Mezzanines are never over engineered; which means mezzanine floors for less money; installed on budget and to an agreed installation schedule. All mezzanines are designed and installed in accordance with British Standards, Building Regulations and Building Control Guidelines.

That is why Mezzanine Floors are fast becoming the first choice of many businesses to increase the space in their buildings.

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