Five Popular Styles in Home Design

Home Design

Five Popular Styles in Home Design – You’ll love the Arabian Home Design style, which combines ornate patterns and lush materials with bold colors such as turquoise. This style incorporates mosaic patterns throughout the home, which can add a unique twist to a room. It often starts with neutral colors, such as white or cream, but aims to add personality through ornate colors and patterns. Decorative elements, such as metallic pendants and mosaic-patterned tiles, can be used to cast beautiful patterns on the walls.

IKEA Home Planner

The IKEA Home Planner is a handy tool to create a home plan. It lets you choose your room dimensions and the placement of furniture. You can even search for specific Ikea items to add to your plan. The program also warns you if a furniture item does not fit your design. You can also open cupboards and doors to see if they will fit.

The IKEA Home Planner also includes a 3D rendering mode, allowing you to see what your room will look like when completed. The program uses DirectX or OpenGL technology to give you a realistic 3D view. It allows you to zoom in and out, as well as view and activate each piece’s front. Moreover, you can see the sizes and prices of individual objects.

Memphis style

The Memphis style in home design was born in the 1980s and inspired pop culture. Famous Memphis designs were favored by David Bowie, who collected over 400 pieces from the group since the early ’80s. Even the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was a fan of the style. Although the Memphis style was not commercially successful, it inspired many contemporary designers and is still very popular today.

The Memphis style of home design was influenced by many different places. The name of the design movement was derived from a Bob Dylan song that played continuously during the group’s first meeting. It is also named for the city of Memphis, Tennessee, which was the capital of ancient Egypt. The designers liked that the name referenced multiple places and styles.

Mid-century modern

The mid-century modern style of architecture and interior design swept the world after the second world war. This minimalist style drew on various creative influences, including graphic design, industrial design, and architecture. It is characterized by minimalistic designs, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. Many people find this style attractive, and it makes a great fit for small spaces.

Many mid mod homes feature an open floor plan, which allows for natural light to flow throughout the space. The open interior spaces of mid mod homes are one of the most important components of the design. In a renovation, it may be necessary to remove non-supporting walls in order to achieve this open feel.


If you’re looking to add a classic feel to your home, consider using more traditional materials. Wooden floors, dry walls, and intricate moldings are all part of a traditional design. Classical chandeliers and wooden carvings are also a great choice to create a traditional feel. You can also add exotic pieces to the design by using furniture from Southeast Asia or Africa.

If you’d like a traditional-looking home, be sure to choose furniture with intricate designs and rich textures. You can choose to incorporate patterned fabrics in your space, as well as chandeliers or huge bookcases. In addition to these items, consider bringing in artwork from the pre-twentieth century. Traditional home decor also works well with vintage or oriental rugs, crystal glassware, and other antiques.