Best Home Office in a Small Space

Best Home Office in a Small Space

Best Home Office in a Small Space – Whether you work from home full time or just want to keep your household documents organized, a home office can be the key to high efficiency and low stress if it maximizes the space available. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you to take advantage of even the smallest spaces.
If you’re really pressed for space, try to take advantage of small nooks and crannies that the architecture has prevented being used in a regular way. Landings at the top of stairs, corners and under-stair nooks can all be fitted with a basic desk with drawers underneath and shelves above. Try putting in a corner desk to maximize the workspace. A large closet can be a big amenity here. Not only does it work in the same way any other nook or cranny does, but you can then close it off at the end of the day to keep your living space looking neat and help to keep your work life separate from family time.

Even though we’re used to barely seeing floors and walls, don’t forget to think about that space too. Using storage that attaches to the wall in front of your desk is a great way to save space and cork-board or white marker boards are great for helping you to work out ideas when you don’t have a big table to spread notes across. Wall paint and throw rugs are also a good way to use color to define your workspace. Besides brightening up an otherwise dark corner, they can make the space feel separate so that as soon as you step into it, you can make the mental transition into work time. Best Home Office in a Small Space.

The most important thing to remember in order to keep your home office organized however is to keep things simple. Although all sorts of cute organizing boxes and containers can be helpful, make sure you don’t cramp yourself. If you can just avoid accumulating stuff instead (I know, it’s harder than it sounds) you’ll save time, money and space.

One great way to do this is to take advantage of the technology you do need to avoid buying gadgets that you don’t. Rather than wasting money and space on a fax machine, paper and ink just sign up for an online fax service. These allow you to send documents from your email to fax machines and to receive faxes to your regular email address. If you have a smartphone, you may be able to avoid buying a scanner as well. There are plenty of apps that use the camera on a smartphone to scan, organize and even edit documents. You can even avoid using up desk space for a telephone by using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that allows you to use a microphone attached to your computer. An added bonus is that VoIP is usually less expensive than a regular phone line and includes a lot of convenient and professional add-on features.

As with any other new purchase or design, just remember that there is no best home office. There is only the best home office for you: The one that uses the space you have to create the type of work environment that you like, whether that’s stream-lined and efficient, clean and light or bright and inspiring.

That is how to create Best Home Office in a Small Space. So enjoy it.