Bathrooms Designs That Bad Mistakes

Bathrooms Designs That Ba in a new tab)d Mistakes – Who would not want a bath and a good practice? Bathrooms are one of the rooms, the most commonly used at home, which requires proper planning of construction or reconstruction.

Poor Design Tips Are you thinking of hiring a professional or try to do it himself, is seriously in the design of the room.

This bathrooms designs tips to help you avoid some common mistakes in bathrooms designs is required.

  1. Do not use waterproof adhesives

One of the most important tips for designing a bathroom is to use a waterproof glue. Most experienced designers are committed to not use waterproof glue to fix the bathroom tiles.

Since water and condensate and easily through the gaps between panels, even a well-established passport can not be damaged by water resistant glue.

Therefore, the adhesive will tend to deteriorate gradually with the excess water and bathroom tiles began to crack and fall off the wall.

  1. Leave space for the bathroom door

Most of us do not have enough space for easy access to the bathroom door and, finally, if installed, we find his face and vanity of other problems. So make sure that the plan for choosing the right door for your bathroom. If you have small rooms available when a sliding door to the bathroom.

  1. Change the bath

Find a logical place for a toilet in the bathroom. Always going to be a strange experience for you to use the bathroom with the door and dive into the long corner. To make your bathroom more comfortable, so the bath is placed in a logical place.

  1. The lack of adequate ventilation

Good ventilation is very important to the bathroom. The lack of it builds up condensation. Accordingly, as losses mount components structurally.

  1. Slippery floors

For bathroom faucets, light is good, but does not mix well with soil. polished marble, polished tiles are not safe for bathrooms.

Especially if your family is young and the elderly, the bathrooms are certainly very important. So no matter what type of soil you need for your bathroom, make sure it is safe and not slippery to do.

  1. Improper storage

They think most of us do not need much space for the bathroom that is completely wrong. enough space in the bathroom is very important for storing detergents and cleaning products. While the plan includes the design of bathroom cabinets and storage cabinets in the bathroom.

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